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Assault Rifle is one type of firearms with firing range, accuracy as well as medium firing speed. Used as the main firearm in every battle. These firearms also have a compact and light weight (easy to carry) about 4.5 kilograms. Not as heavy as Sniper rifle (7-14 KG) / Machine Gun. Although it includes middle-class weapons, some of them have the ability to turn off. Here’s the best Assault Rifle in the world. In here you can find all kind of firearms brand.

M4 Carbine

The American manufacturer’s firearm has been in use since 1994 and is still in use today. Firearms made by PT. This Colt Defense became the official Assault Rifle of the US Army & Sea. M4 Carbine is also used by 20 other countries. By using 5.56 mm caliber Ammunition, M4 Carbine can fire high-speed bullets (910m/s) and has a firing speed of about 950 rounds / minute. It has an effective firing range of about 600 m. Very effective for close combat (200 m). Each Magazines contains 30 bullets. Despite having a good ability, unfortunately this weapon has an acute problem, which is often jammed while being used on the battlefield.


Firearms Bull-pup type is made by the occupation country (Israel). This weapon is used for small military operations in Palestine but not used in large-scale battles. Capable of firing bullets at 910m/s and penetrating the human body deep with a firing speed of 900 rounds per minute. Just like M4, every magazines also contains 30 5.56 mm caliber bullets. Effective for city fighting. Used by Israel and 3 other countries.

Steyr AUG

Firearms bull-pup this one made in Austria. In use since 1978 until now. Used in the Syrian War, Afghanistan, etc. Rate of Fire is 600 rounds per minute. 960 m / s bullet velocity (shut off when used at close range). Despite having an effective range of fire near 300 m, this weapon is capable of firing a maximum bullet up to 2.7 km.



At a glance it looks like a G3, but this weapon is much more modern and lethal than G3. Production since 2009. SCAR-H stands for Special Force Combat Assault Rifles-Heavy. Aimed at special military units. Having a firing range and deadly accuracy, this weapon is effective for shooting targets within 700 m with a firing speed just like M4. Has a large bullet caliber, 7+ mm. His magazines contain only 20 bullets. Specifically used by the US.

Bushmaster ACR 6.8

US-made firearms are used and produced since 2006. With gas piston system and Rotating bolt. Can fire a 6.8 mm caliber bullet at high speed (990 m / s) effective up to a distance of 500 m. His magazines contain 30 bullets.

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