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Point Blank is the most extensively recognized brand of physique armor in the planet. Subsequent installment: A corruption-ridden foreign arms manufacturer – one of the world’s biggest – purchased its way into the physique armor scandal, a scandal completely in line with the vileness of its operations all about the globe. The use of this Active Stretch sports put on, active put on fabric also results in a slightly snugger general fit of the soft body armor. Some officers undo the side straps and take away the armor and carrier over their head like a pullover shirt.

Given that 1973, Point Blank has been the top innovator of new products and designs engineered to maximize ballistic protection. The Alpha Elite Series carrier is streamlined—the edge of the carrier exactly follows the edge of the ballistic panels. This allows far more positional manage more than the ballistic panels and limits the movement of the ballistic panels inside the carrier.

Clearly, the healthcare examiners have analyzed the broken body armor shown in the above photo (in this case, a set of the older, Vietnam-era armor that lots of U.S. troops were stuck with at the starting of the Afghanistan and Iraq operations) and are highlighting the trajectories for the rounds that evidently penetrated the vest. The Interceptor vest was tested to stop a 9×19mm 124-grain FMJ bullet at 1,400 ft/s with minimal backface deformation, and it has a V-50 of roughly 1,525 ft/s.

This is a point of contention in the U.S. armed forces, with some favoring less armor in order to retain mobility and other individuals wanting as much protection as is sensible. The Alpha Elite Series carrier has additional surface location of loop—for a wider flexibility of strap adjustments—than any other Point Blank carrier. Due to the increased dangers of improvised explosive devices , a newer version of the essential plates and components have been developed.

Even though MIT has but to unveil an actual vest or even a swatch of scale-inspired material, the investigation has the prospective to offer the Army with the holy grail of physique armor – a lightweight, flexible material that protects against the blunt trauma of a bullet and can survive multiple penetrating impacts. The continuous evolution of effective, high-capacity semiautomatic weapons has designed an rising demand for revolutionary, state-of-the-art armor. Nevertheless, the Alpha Elite Series has a new, far more comfortable, decrease profile way to access the shoulder straps to armor connection.

Gabriel Patricio, and Point Blank’s chief operating officer, Sandra Hatfield signed waivers that allowed the Corps to get and distribute vests that failed to meet the Corps’ minimum requirements and specifications. On September 25, 2006, the Marine Corps announced that Protective Products International won a contract for 60,000 new Modular Tactical Vests (MTV) to replace the Interceptor OTV vests.

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