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The U.S. Army did not bother to effectively test five million body armor plates that had been supposed to guard soldiers on the battlefield. This is a point of contention in the U.S. armed forces, with some favoring less armor in order to sustain mobility and others wanting as a lot protection as is sensible. The Alpha Elite Series carrier has additional surface region of loop—for a wider flexibility of strap adjustments—than any other Point Blank carrier. Due to the elevated dangers of improvised explosive devices , a newer version of the crucial plates and components have been developed.

The Alpha Elite Series carrier uses new sports put on fabrics and materials, new tailoring and contouring with much less carrier material, fewer stitches and seams, a improved shoulder strap access, and simple-to-grasp strap hook tabs. Fully surrounding the strap to armor connection with the exterior fabric eliminates this doable discomfort.

All that remained was to figure out the actual efficacy of the numerous body armor systems, including the regular Interceptor armor, as well as other options, including a technique recognized as Dragon Skin. The message did not state how Marines could identify no matter whether their vest belongs to one particular of the nine other production lots that did not pass muster at Natick.

Gabriel Patricio, and Point Blank’s chief operating officer, Sandra Hatfield signed waivers that allowed the Corps to invest in and distribute vests that failed to meet the Corps’ minimum requirements and specifications. On September 25, 2006, the Marine Corps announced that Protective Solutions International won a contract for 60,000 new Modular Tactical Vests (MTV) to replace the Interceptor OTV vests.

Pursuant to the agreement, Point Blank will try to notify just about every registered purchaser of the exchange program by direct mail and by advertising in chosen trade publications. Just a couple days ago, Stars and Stripes breathlessly reported about a new fast-release buckle for the Interceptor vest (a needed improvement, to be sure): New physique armor vest comes off with a tug of the lanyard, is 3 lbs.

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