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Point Blank Body Armor (PBBA) is recognized as one of the initially organizations in the United States to style and manufacture physique armor. Microscopic cracks detectable only with X-ray or acoustic inspection degrade the overall performance of the plates and render them questionable at finest. Point Blank’s lead occasions are the most effective in the industry and are a testament to the skilled commitment of just about every Point Blank employee whose mission is to supply the highest level of consumer safety and satisfaction.

Faced with the imminent publication of this story, the outcome of an eight-month investigation by Marine Corps Instances, the Marine Corps on Could 4 issued a Corpswide message recalling five,277 Interceptor vests from 11 lots that failed government ballistic functionality tests — slightly extra than half the total vests issued to Marines from questionable lots.

It wasn’t until early 2006, when the Pentagon forbade U.S. troops (whose asses, following all, had been the ones on the line and who, immediately after witnessing all of the above-talked about outrages, could understandably have been just a wee bit skeptical of the Pentagon’s capacity or even willingness to give them with the very best equipment) from wearing any other sort of physique armor, that the fertilizer genuinely hit the ventilator.

A fully-transferable certificate, exercisable for 60 months for a 10% discount off the then prevailing greatest-negotiated value on any one ballistic resistant soft body armor manufactured by Point Blank Physique Armor. Finally, in the spring of 2007, an NBC Dateline report actually blew holes in the Pentagon’s till-then-unwavering story line that not only was an option to the Pentagon’s typical-problem Interceptor physique armor deficient when it came to military specifications, but that Interceptor itself had in no way – by no means! The E-SAPI plates present increased protection from 7.62mm armor-piercing ammunition.

In November, 2005, the Marine Corps ordered ten,342 Interceptor Outer Tactical Vests pulled from the operating forces immediately after media reports indicated some samples tested by the manufacturer and by the U.S. Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland failed to totally comply with ballistics standards. Initially the Interceptor Body Armor Program weighed 16.4 pounds (7.4 kg), with the vest weighing eight.four pounds (3.8 kg), and two plate inserts weighing 4 pounds (1.8 kg) every single. The plates are definitely rather fragile, and prone to breaking in the course of ordinary handling. A extra tailored, form-fitting carrier also controls the placement of the ballistic panels.

As a result of that damning report and other situations, members of the Senate and Home Armed Solutions Committees in May well and June 2007 requested the Government Accountability Office (via the Pentagon’s inspector basic) conduct an investigation into the testing and procurement of physique armor, such as overseeing side-by-side testing of the various physique armor systems.

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